Introducing the PERIO-Scope!


PERIOScopeTM Periodontal Microscope Imaging System


Periodontal Disease treatment can be visually explained to your patients with the help of a dedicated microscope and video camera capable of recording live video and still image capture.

When images of epitheal cells, bacteria, red and white blood cells, tricomonads and even amoebas are shown to patients they can see for themselves the severity of gum disease.

Our PERIOScopeTM phase contrast microscope imaging sytem is a simple, effective way for peridontists to show the ill effects of gum disease. Using “LIVE’ video feed, patients can experience for themselves the long-term effects of poor dental hygiene.

Using our specailized imaging tools, peridontists can visulaize, record and track the progress of treatment. Operation is easy and fast. When used in conjustion with large HD monitors the images almost jump off the screen for patients and health providers benefit and understanding.

The PERIOScopeTM comes complete and ready to use stand-alone with the included 11.6-inch HD monitor or with a Windows or Mac computer connected via USB2 cable. Beautiful live, phase contrast images of unstained saliva showcase all manner of material found in the patient’s mouth and gums.

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SHOWING patients a LIVE HD Video Image of their own SALIVA containing plaque, bacteria, spirochetes, blood cells, skin cells and even amoeba’s makes them instant believers.


The microscope and video camera allows the doctor to monitor treatment and record live images of actual pathogens in the patients mouth.

Saved video movies can be reviewed to show improvements over time. Single snapshots can be added to the patients record.

The GOAL is to eliminate pathogens with simple solutions like 1% hydrogen peroxide and simple tooth brushing and flossing.

The PERIO-Scope is the perfect inexpensive microscope solution for this much needed procedure.

Introducing the PERIO-Scope microscope imaging system!

Comprised of a high performance phase contrast microscope and video digital camera with live display on the attached 12” HD monitor. New 4K version coming in August!

Our PERIO-Scope CLEARLY lets you see images of red (RBC) and white (WBC) blood cells, small and large spirochetes, Capnocytophaga, motile rods, including spinning rods, spiral rods, small and large gliding rods, Protozoa both amoeba, trichomonads and more! Seeing is believing!


Microscope Features

1. Ergonomic design, small footprint, built in carrying handle
2. LED illumination, 20,000-hour lamp
3. High eyepoint widefield 10x/22 mm eyepieces for eyeglass wearers
4. Infinity corrected Plan Achromatic 10x, 20x, 40x and 100x oil phase contrast objectives
5. Upgradable to polarized light and epifluorescence
6. Phase turret condenser with matching 10x, 20x, 40x and 100x annuli
7. Two position trinocular viewing head, 100% or 80%/20% split
8. Parfocal, adjustable ‘C’ mount adapter
9. Low position coaxial XY stage
10. All brass and steel focus gears, no plastic, ultra-smooth focus mecahnism
11. Stage micrometer for calibration
12. 5-year unconditional warranty

Camera Features

1. Simultaneous dual live image output to an HD monitor and PC or Mac computer via USB 3.0, 60 fps at 1920 x 1080P resolution
2. Captured “LIVE” videos or still images or can be saved directly onto the supplied 8 Gig SD card or to a PC or Mac computer MP4, TIFF or JPEG
3. PC/Mac-compatible on-board image capture software, as well as full-featured live or captured image measurement software.
4. Attachable 12” HD monitor via HDMI connector
5. Full 1080p video preview for HD output without any lag time or compression
6. Built-in mouse-controlled software for HDMI viewing & video recording without a computer
7. Ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio sensor allows users to set exposure time from 1 ms to up to 10 seconds and adjust 20 scales of Gain value
8. Live measurements, annotation, side by side viewing, image stitching, extended depth of field (EDF), high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, background correction, crosshair ruler and more.
9. 4K version coming August, 2020!

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